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May 29th, 2020

How to Get Ready for the Spring Adventure of a Lifetime

April 15, 2014 May 29th, 2020

group white water raftingThere’s nothing quite as spectacular as the Smoky Mountains in springtime. From bright blossoms to young wildlife, the banks of the Pigeon River hold a world of wonder and joy for those who raft each spring. Since reopening for spring, Smoky Mountain Outdoors has a few tips to help you and your family get ready for the adventure of a lifetime.

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What should you expect from white water rafting in Tennessee? A whole lot of fun and at least a few sprays of water. There’s little you or your family have to do to prepare because we make sure to have everything you need for a fun and thrilling day in the water.

Though rafting might sound like a scary thought for parents, it shouldn’t be because Smoky Mountain Outdoors does everything possible to prepare rafters and keep them safe during the entire expedition. Our experienced and trained guides make sure that each person is fitted with safety gear. The guides also take the rafters through a safety course where they’ll learn how to paddle and safely navigate through the rapids.

Although you will get wet, we don’t recommend wearing a swimming suit. For a spring rafting trip, it’s best to wear what you would to go running. Anything breathable and comfortable is best for a rafting trip, including running pants, cotton t-shirts and cloth shorts.

Although we all love flip flops in spring and summer, they aren’t the best idea for white water rafting. To keep from slipping while getting in and out of the raft, we encourage rafters to wear shoes with grip. Wearing shoes that are secure on the foot with straps or ties will also prevent them from possibly being lost while on the water.

Now that you have all the information you need to prepare, are you ready to have a wild and wet adventure in the Smokies? Smoky Mountain Outdoors invites all adrenaline-seeking vacationers to take a trip down the river with our trained guides. While white water rafting in Tennessee, you might see wildlife and spring blossoms, so this is the perfect choice for a fun and memorable stop on the trip. Book your reservations online today, and save more than $16 per person.