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group rafting with Smoky Mountain Outdoors

4 Reasons White Water Rafting in the Smoky Mountains is the Perfect Bucket List Experience

April 16, 2024

When it comes to the iconic “bucket list” items that you need to experience at least once in your lifetime, white water rafting should be at the top of your list! Just like the other greatest recreational pursuits in life, rafting connects you to nature in a unique, profound, and fun way! Since the Pigeon River offers high-quality white water for our trips, there is no better time to go rafting than during your vacation to the Smoky Mountains! Here are the top 4 reasons why white water rafting in the Smoky Mountains is the perfect bucket list experience: Read More

group of rafters on Pigeon River

Top 5 Reasons to Take Your Group White Water Rafting in the Smoky Mountains

April 6, 2024

Whether you are planning a family reunion, church retreat, or scout trip to the Smoky Mountains, treat your group to the ultimate adventure with a white water rafting excursion! This is the perfect activity to create a unique and fun bonding experience among your group, and you’ll be able to take advantage of our reduced rafting rates and a dedicated sales staff! Here are the top 5 reasons to take your group white water rafting in the Smoky Mountains:

1. Fun Team Building Activity

White water rafting offers a fun team-building activity that is sure to bond the members of your group together! You’ll work together to navigate down the Pigeon River with our professional guides, sharing the incredible thrills of splashing through the rapids! Whether helping to paddle through the rapids or navigate around rocks, each person plays an important role in the adventure! 

2. Affordable Group Rates

group rafting with Smoky Mountain OutdoorsWhile our white water rafting trips in the Smoky Mountains are already affordable, you can take advantage of special group rates when you have at least 10 people! This means that you’ll have more money to spend on other parts of your trip, such as lodging and transportation expenses! If you’re looking for more information, be sure to complete our group form to receive your downloadable Group Packet immediately! 

3. Planning Your Trip is Simple

It has never been easier to plan a group trip for white water rafting in the Smoky Mountains! In addition to the Group Packet, we offer a dedicated sales staff who would be delighted to help you organize your excursion! We have the most customer-friendly staff on the Pigeon River and we want to make everything as seamless as possible, from your arrival to your departure! If you are staying in Gatlinburg, you’ll also appreciate that we’re the closest rafting outfitter!

4. Young Group Members Can Join the Fun

Little girl smiling while white water raftingIf you have young children in your group, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that kids only have to be at least 3 years old to join the fun! The minimum age/weight for our Upper Pigeon trip is 8 years old or 70 pounds, while children must be at least 3 years old to go on the Lower Pigeon trip. Note that the Lower Pigeon trip is more of a leisurely float trip, while the Upper River trip is our most popular trip and features nearly 70 rapids ranging from class 1 to class 4!

5. Memories to Last a Lifetime

You can guarantee that everyone in your group will experience memories to last a lifetime on our white water rafting trips! We even offer photos of your trip that you can purchase to bring back home, which are available in our office at the completion of your excursion. You can rest assured that everyone will be talking about their rafting adventures long after the trip is over!

Check out all of our group information for white water rafting in the Smoky Mountain today to plan your adventure on the Pigeon River! We look forward to seeing your group soon! 


wildflowers in the Smoky Mountains

Top 4 Ways to Enjoy the Beautiful Smoky Mountain Wildflowers

March 25, 2024

One of the most breathtaking sights in the Smokies each spring is the colorful blooming wildflowers! The Smoky Mountains are a world-renowned preserve of wildflower diversity, and you’ll find more than 1,500 types of flowering plants in the area! While spring ephemerals may appear as early as February, the peak of spring wildflower blooming normally occurs in mid to late April at lower elevations and a few weeks later at higher elevations. Here are the top 4 ways to enjoy the beautiful Smoky Mountain wildflowers: Read More

buses and rafts at Tennessee white water rafting outpost

Top 4 Things to Know About Our Tennessee White Water Rafting Outpost

March 20, 2024

If you’ve been searching for the closest white water rafting outfitter near Gatlinburg and the Smoky Mountain area, you just found it! Our Pigeon River outpost is situated just about 45 minutes north of Gatlinburg, making it an easy half-day trip for those seeking the best outdoor adventure in the Smokies! Here are the top 4 things to know about our Tennessee white water rafting outpost: Read More


4 Things to Do in Hartford TN

March 4, 2024

Whether you’re in Hartford Tennessee enjoying your rafting adventure with us or passing through the area during off season, there are some amazing things to do in town. You might as well make a full trip out of your visit to the Smokies and experience everything you can! Here are 4 of the best things to do in Hartford TN: Read More

look rock foothills parkway smoky mountains

Top 5 Webcams in the Smoky Mountains to Watch at Home

March 1, 2024

Even when you aren’t in the Smokies, you can still enjoy them! There are several Smoky Mountain webcams set up throughout the park so you can see incredible views when you’re at home. This is the best way to get your Smoky Mountain fix when you can’t come to the area! Here are the top 5 webcams in the Smoky Mountains to watch at home: Read More

group of people rafting on the Upper River

4 Reasons White Water Rafting is a Highlight of Any Trip to the Smoky Mountains

February 27, 2024

Take your vacation to the Smoky Mountains to the next level with a white water rafting adventure! While the Smokies offer plenty of natural wonders and manmade attractions, there is nothing quite like the thrills of paddling down the rapids of the Pigeon River with your family and friends! Here are the top 4 reasons why white water rafting is a highlight of any trip to the Smoky Mountains: Read More

kid white water rafting in the smoky mountains

Top 4 Reasons to Go White Water Rafting in the Smoky Mountains in March

February 16, 2024

White water rafting season in the Smokies is back! We’re kicking off the season this March with our special spring trips that are based on the natural flow of the river. You can be one of the first guests to head out with us this year, so gather your family and friends together for the ultimate Smoky Mountain adventure! Here are the top 4 reasons to go white water rafting in the Smoky Mountains in March: Read More

family rafting together on the Pigeon River

All the Details About Smoky Mountain White Water Rafting for Kids of All Ages

February 2, 2024

Enjoy waves and contagious laughter as you travel down the Pigeon River white water rafting and building memories your loved ones will cherish. Many families with small children wonder whether they can participate because of the rapids, but, here in the Smoky Mountains, you have no reason to wonder because we have safe options for all ages. You can take your vacation to the next level and experience Smoky Mountain white water rafting for kids like never before! Find out more about how white water rafting near Gatlinburg is great for kids of all ages: Read More

Ober Mountain sign

Top 4 Things to Do in Gatlinburg in February

January 26, 2024

Are you planning on spending time in Gatlinburg this winter? You may be wondering what you can do since our white water rafting outpost isn’t open, and Gatlinburg is full of fun things to do in February, from alcohol tastings for people 21 years old and up to gaming attractions people of all ages can enjoy! Here are the top 4 things to do in Gatlinburg in February. Read More

smoky mountains at sunset

Why Are the Smoky Mountains Smoky?

January 19, 2024

Why are the Smoky Mountains smoky? Have you ever stopped to ponder this question and think about how the mountains of East Tennessee and Western North Carolina got their unique name? Anyone who has been to the Smokies can confirm that there is definitely a haze over the area that helps to create a magical setting! In fact, even the Cherokee referred to the area as “Shaconage,” or land of the blue smoke, as they considered the mountains to be a sacred place. If you wondered what makes them smoky in the first place, read on to discover the answer! Read More