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Incredible Christmas Place in Pigeon Forge

3 Amazing Christmas Stores in Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg That You Have to Visit

Whether you’re looking for some holiday gifts for your loved ones or a few unique decorations for your own Christmas display, you’ll be delighted to know that there are several Christmas themed shops right here in the Smokies! Holiday shopping has never been more fun, so don’t miss the chance to come down to the Smoky Mountains this December! Here are 3 amazing Christmas stores in Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg that you have to visit: Read More

Smoky Mountain Winterfest

Walking in a Winter Wonderland: 4 Ways to Enjoy Smoky Mountain Winterfest

It’s almost the most wonderful time of the year! That means winter is approaching, and it’s time to celebrate in the Smokies. If you are coming into town for the holidays, then you absolutely have to enjoy all the amazing activities at Smoky Mountain Winterfest. This festival is a celebration between Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, Sevierville, and Sevier County. You and your family will love driving around and looking at the Christmas lights displays all over town. There are so many ways to enjoy Smoky Mountain Winterfest. All you have to do is get ready to have a great time! Read More

rafters sticking paddles in the Pigeon River

Top 3 Things to Know About the Walters Dam on the Pigeon River

For those who have joined us for our popular Upper River Trip on the river, you may remember that the water levels are dependent upon natural conditions before Memorial Day weekend and after Labor Day weekend. However, during the summer season, there are scheduled whitewater level releases from the Walters Dam to control the flow of the river. If you’ve ever wondered about the purpose and history of this dam, we’re here to shed a little light on the subject! Here are the top 3 things to know about the Walters Dam on the Pigeon River: Read More

4 Outdoor Activities in the Smoky Mountains to Do During the Rafting Off-Season

Although we have wrapped up another thrilling season of white water rafting adventures, you can still get outside to experience everything that the Smokies have to offer! If you are a fan of the great outdoors, you’ll find plenty of activities to keep you occupied during the late fall and winter months! Here are 4 outdoor activities in the Smoky Mountains to enjoy during the rafting off-season: Read More

rafters sticking paddles in the Pigeon River

3 Fascinating Things to Know About the White Water Rapids on the Pigeon River

When joining us for a white water rafting adventure, you’ll experience nearly 70 rapids that range from Class I to Class IV! These thrilling rapids are sure to get your adrenaline pumping as you paddle down the Pigeon River with your professional guide and your family and friends! You may be curious to know how these rapids form in the first place, so here are 3 fascinating things to know about the white water rapids on the Pigeon River: Read More

Hiking is one of the top Gatlinburg winter attractions.

The 3 Best Gatlinburg Winter Attractions

The Smoky Mountains are full of adventure and fun that will make your trip to the area a blast. However, what many people don’t realize is that these adventures don’t stop just because the cold weather arrives. There are many great outdoor Smoky Mountain activities for you to enjoy, no matter what time of the year it is. Just bundle up and enjoy these Gatlinburg winter attractions and more during the winter season. Read More

rafting on the Pigeon River

Top 4 Ways to Prepare for Rafting in the Smoky Mountains This Fall

Autumn in the Smokies not only means gorgeous weather and breathtaking fall foliage, but it’s the final call for white water rafting of the season! This is actually one of the most exciting times of the year to join us on the Pigeon River, as the water levels are dependent upon the natural conditions! Since the water level is variable and unpredictable, you may experience everything from a leisurely trip down the river to the wildest rapids of the season! Here are the top 4 ways to prepare for rafting in the Smoky Mountains this fall: Read More

fall colors in the Smoky Mountains

Top 4 Things to Know About Experiencing Fall Foliage in the Smoky Mountains

One of the reasons why the Smoky Mountains are such a popular destination during the fall season is because of the spectacular fall foliage! This is the magical time of year when the trees transform from green into a vibrant display of orange, red, and yellow colors, and there is nothing like the sight of the mountains as these magnificent colors spread through the Smokies! Here are the top 4 things to know about experiencing fall foliage in the Smoky Mountains: Read More

rafters sticking paddles in the Pigeon River

7 Ways White Water Rafting in Gatlinburg Makes You Smarter

We all know that white water rafting in the Great Smoky Mountains is an excellent way to exercise and have fun. But did you know that it can make you smarter too? Read on for seven ways that white water rafting in Gatlinburg can increase your intelligence. Read More

group of people white water rafting

5 Advantages of a Gatlinburg White Water Rafting and Zipline Combo

If you’re looking for some extreme fun while visiting the Gatlinburg area, purchasing in a Gatlinburg white water rafting and zipline combo is the perfect attraction for you. Race through the trees and see amazing views of the mountains when you zipline, then enjoy rushing down the Pigeon River in a raft! Look at these 5 advantages of a Gatlinburg white water rafting and zipline combo: Read More

rafting on the Pigeon River

Top 4 Things to Do in the Smoky Mountains After a Day of Whitewater Rafting

After joining us for an action packed day of whitewater rafting, you might be wondering what else there is to do in the area before heading back home from your vacation! The awesome news is that our rafting outpost is just a short drive away from plenty of fun activities! Here are the top 4 things to do in the Smoky Mountains after a day of whitewater rafting: Read More

guide with Smoky Mountain Outdoors

4 Reasons Smoky Mountain Rafting Is the Perfect Activity for First-Time Visitors

If you have never been to the Smokies before, you may not know what to expect. One of the main draws to the area is the amazing natural scenery, so you will want to spend as much time outside as possible. White water rafting is the perfect outdoor activity for your entire family because it offers stunning scenery and an exciting adventure. Here are 4 reasons Smoky Mountain rafting is the perfect activity for first-time visitors: Read More