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April 16th, 2020
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What to Wear and What Not to Wear When White Water Rafting Near Gatlinburg

August 8, 2019 April 16th, 2020

If you’ve never been white water rafting near Gatlinburg before, you may be wondering how you should dress. One thing you’re probably thinking is a bathing suit. But what else do you need other than that? We’re here to tell you! Read further to find out what to wear and not wear while you’re white water rafting near Gatlinburg:

What to Wear

Bathing Suit

Group of rafters listening to guide before tripThis should be the first thing you pack. You’re going to want to wear something that dries quickly when it gets wet, and bathing suits are designed to do just that. Most people who raft with us are comfortable in just a swimsuit and shorts! Make sure if you visit during the summer to wear sunscreen too.

Quick-Drying Clothes

In addition to your swimsuit, you’ll also want to wear quick-drying clothes. You don’t want to stay soaked long after your white water rafting trip is over. Polypropylene, polyester, and nylon materials provide wicking ability and will dry quickly. Fleece is another good clothing material to wear when you go white water rafting near Gatlinburg in the early spring and fall months since it will keep you warm.

Synthetic Long Underwear

If you’re going on one of our trips in the spring or fall, it can get a little chilly. Instead of just your bathing suit, you should bring synthetic long underwear such as Under Armor or Nike Dri-Fit. The material covers most of your body and will keep you warmer than just a regular bathing suit during these times of the year.

Appropriate Shoes

Protective water shoesYou don’t want your shoes flying off while you’re paddling through class 3 and 4 rapids! You need sport sandals with a heel strap, some type of water shoe, or old tennis shoes. These will protect your feet and won’t come off. You want to wear shoes you won’t mind getting wet and dirty.


We provide you with helmets at our outpost, but it’s still a necessary item to wear! This protects your head if you happen to fall out of the raft.

Dry Clothes

At the end of your white water rafting trip, you’ll probably be wet. You’ll definitely want to pack a change of dry clothes to change into once you’re done!

What Not to Wear

Anything Cotton

person wringing out a white cotton shirt full of waterYou don’t want to wear anything cotton when you go white water rafting near Gatlinburg. You might be wondering why not: cotton is lightweight, right? However, cotton is known for getting wet and staying wet. Pick clothes that dry quickly and are lightweight.

Heavy Clothing

You don’t want to wear clothing that is heavy and immobile. This would include things like jeans, leather, and denim. Lightweight clothing that is easy to move in is just what you want to be wearing.

Inappropriate Shoes

If you pick the right shoes, they’ll stay on your feet. If you don’t pick the right shoes, they’ll fly off during your trip! Inappropriate shoes to wear when white water rafting include flip flops, crocs, high heels, and cowboy boots.

Important Accessories

The last thing you want is to lose something important to you on your trip because you’re probably never going to get it back. Leave important accessories such as your phone, jewelry, and wallet in lockers we have on site so you can easily access it after you come back from your trip.

Now you know what you should and should not wear when you go white water rafting near Gatlinburg! For more information on our white water rafting trips, check them out here.