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5 Reasons You Should Vacation in the Smokies

August 14, 2012

Are you looking to vacation in the Smokies? Here are some great reasons!!

Cades Cove1. Visitors will get a chance to experience nature like never before.

If visitors live in an area that doesn’t have mountains, they’re bound to have their breath taken away as soon as they see the Smokies, but there’s far more to the area than just a pretty view. Visitors can go hiking in the Gatlinburg area, fishing in the creeks, and wildlife watching all in the same place. No other vacation destination is going to give visitors a chance to see deer frolicking in the grass, wild turkeys roaming freely, or real black bears fishing for food.

2. There are dozens of Gatlinburg TN attractions for all ages.

It doesn’t matter if visitors are young or old, there are dozens of attractions for everyone to enjoy. The Smokies offer everything from mini-golf to shopping malls to baseball games and everything in between. Even for those who are looking to relax will enjoy lounging around and enjoying the view.

3. Visitors can expect to have some serious adventures.

Anyone who has a need for adventure needs to visit the Smokies at least one time in their life. This is because some of the many Gatlinburg TN attractions include indoor skydiving, zorbing, zip-lining, or climbing through the mountains on nothing but a swinging rope bridge. Visitors can also go white water rafting in the Smokies, or, if the weather permits, snow tubing. For those who are up for a more rustic adventure, visitors can also go on a two day 14-mile hike up to the top of Mount LeConte. Talk about an unforgettable experience!

4. Visitors will learn something… while having fun!

The Smokies are home to some of the most fun, yet educational, areas possible. This includes the Ribley’s Aquarium, which gives children the opportunity to meet real penguins, spend the night with sharks, pet stingrays, even watch mermaids swim with the sea life. Other fun areas include the Tennessee Museum of Aviation and Titanic Pigeon Forge.

5. The log cabins are a perfect place to stay.

Most vacations involve families staying at a cheap hotel or at a friend’s house, but not a trip to the Smokies. In this area, there are hundreds of wooden cabins that will fit even the largest families. These aren’t your typical ‘roughing it’ cabins either, but rather a wooden paradise that includes fireplaces, hot-tubs, king sized beds and more.