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March 28th, 2023
rafters going through a rapid on the Pigeon River

Total Guide to Gatlinburg Whitewater Rafting in Spring

March 17, 2014 March 28th, 2023

white water rafting on rapidsSpringtime in the Smokies is spectacular display of wonders and wildlife. For those who want to try their hand at Gatlinburg whitewater rafting, this is the perfect time to avoid crowds and see the range of color up close on the riverbanks. To prepare you for a spring rafting trip, Smoky Mountain Outdoors has created a spring guide for those who plan to go whitewater rafting in the Smoky Mountains.

What You’ll See

Spring in the Smoky Mountains is unlike anywhere else because of the variety of wildflower species and range of bloom colors. Those rafting down the Pigeon River will get more than a wet and wild ride river ride.

When you raft in the spring, you’ll get to experience a new perspective on the Smoky Mountains. The river offers views that can’t be seen while hiking or visiting area attractions, including wildflower blooms and wildlife along the banks.

What to Wear

While Gatlinburg whitewater rafting is a wet adventure, those taking a trip will be more comfortable and warmer if you didn’t wear a swimsuit. Smoky Mountain Outdoors staff recommends wearing the clothes you’d wear while running, including items that are breathable and comfortable.

We also recommend water shoes or any shoe that allows water to drain. Open sandals that don’t wrap around the foot aren’t a great idea because you’ll need a shoe with grip to enter and exit the raft.

group resting on raft for group photoWhat to Do

One of the best reasons to raft with Smoky Mountain Outdoors is that there’s very little you have to do to prepare. Our guides take safety seriously, so they’ll make sure you know how to paddle and stay safely inside the raft before loading.

The guides will have a 20 minute safety talk before each trip to better prepare you and your family for the rapids. Also, they are certified in first aid and required to take 15 trips down the river before qualifying for a commercial trip, which is why Smoky Mountain Outdoors has such high guest reviews and ratings.

How to Book

To experience whitewater rafting on the Pigeon River, you can reserve now to save up to $16.95 per person through Memorial Day. Once on the reservation page, you can choose the trip that is perfect for your family. For those more adventurous, we also offer combo rafting trips that allow for a full day of fun on the water. Those who want land and water fun while in the Smoky Mountains can reserve a hike and paddle package, which is truly the best of both worlds. See you on the river!