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January 17th, 2023

Know Before You Go: 3 Tips for River Rafting in Tennessee

December 26, 2013 January 17th, 2023

group of people white water rafting in tennesseeLooking for an exciting family adventure on your 2014 vacation? Smoky Mountain Outdoors has guides to take you and your family on the most exciting experience imaginable while river rafting in Tennessee. Before you go, here are some tips to prepare you for what to expect once you hit the water.

Prepare to Get Wet

Expect to get soaked while river rafting in Tennessee. Be sure to take extra clothes to change into after your trip. Smoky Mountain Outdoors offers changing areas and showers so that you can stay comfortable when you leave. Also, we recommend leaving jewelry behind. If it ruins your day when it gets lost, leave it behind because we can’t guarantee the whitewater won’t wash it away.

Take Safety Seriously

The life jacket and helmet provided by Smoky Mountain Outdoors should be worn the entire trip. They are important in case your raft flips or you fall out. While rafting, it is also important to wear shoes with a good tread, so you don’t slip when getting in and out of the raft. Though the safety measures seem to be a lot, our guides want you to enjoy the trip without worry about injuries or accidents.

Listen to Your Guide

If you have a guide, make sure to pay attention to their instructions. At Smoky Mountain Outdoors, every rafting trip offered is required to have a guide. Our guides are certified in first aid and required to take a minimum of 15 to 20 trips down the river before ever qualifying to oversee a trip. Before your trip, everyone is give a 20 minute safety talk. This is to ensure you and your family are ready. When on the raft, the guide will explain how to paddle and make sure that everyone is is having fun.

For a unique vacation experience, Smoky Mountain Rafting has some of the most exciting river rafting in Tennessee. Call us at 865-430-3838 today to begin making plans for your trip and save 40% just by reserving early.