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September 18th, 2020
white water rafting trip on the pigeon river

4 Safety Tips for White Water Rafting in Gatlinburg

July 3, 2020 September 18th, 2020

White water rafting in Gatlinburg is a fun and exciting adventure for everyone. It is one of the most popular activities in the Smoky Mountains. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been white water rafting before or you’re totally new to the experience, you should always follow basic tips for a safe and fun trip down the river. Check out these 4 safety tips for white water rafting in Gatlinburg:

1. Know Your Limitations

white water raftingRivers have six classifications when it comes to rapids. First time rafters and young kids should start at lower classes. Class 2 or 3 rapids are a safe place to start for a thrilling and successful first experience at white water rafting in Gatlinburg. Weak swimmers should begin at lower levels for a safer trip as well. Long trips require more upper body strength, so it is important to know what your body is capable of.

2. Never Go Alone

Use the buddy system. Regardless of how tame the river seems, you should always go with a group or buddy. If something happens to the raft or someone on board, having another person there will be an asset. At Smoky Mountain Outdoors, there is a trained guide on every raft so you don’t have to worry about being inexperienced.

3. Listen to the Guide

A rafting guide faces his passengers in his raft.Speaking of our highly trained guides, you should listen to everything they tell you. They are completely trained in safe practices when it comes to white water rafting. If they tell you to lean a certain direction or paddle a certain way, you should do it. They want to help you have the best time possible, but they also want to keep you as safe as possible.

4. Wear Your Safety Equipment

A life jacket and helmet are important to your safety when you are white water rafting. Anything can happen, and you want to be as prepared as possible before you head out on the water. The helmet should fit securely and not shift around. The life jacket should feel comfortable and snug, but it should not restrict your movements. Shoes with thick tread are also a good way to prevent you from sliding. You should also wear shows with straps on the back so they do not come off. It may seem like a lot to wear, but this safety equipment is important and should stay on the entire trip.

These safety tips will ensure you have an amazing time when you come white water rafting in Gatlinburg with us. Look through our white water rafting trips and pick the one that suites your group the best!