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January 9th, 2023
guide with Smoky Mountain Outdoors

5 Awesome Advantages of a Gatlinburg White Water Rafting and Zipline Combo

June 23, 2022 January 9th, 2023

If you’re looking for some extreme fun while visiting the Gatlinburg area, participating in a Gatlinburg white water rafting and zipline combo is the perfect attraction for you. Many people travel to the Little Pigeon River to take part in white water rafting each year. When you choose to use this combination, there are many awesome advantages that will benefit you and your whole group.

1. Saves You Money

Who doesn’t enjoy saving money? Rather than going from one attraction to another, and spending regular ticket prices on each attraction, you can save $20 when you book your Gatlinburg white water rafting and zipline package at Smoky Mountain Outdoors. You really can’t beat a great deal like that. This is the ultimate adventure, and is hard not to pass it up when you know you are saving money. 

2. No Experience Necessary

ziplining equipmentOne of the great things about white water rafting and zipline is that they both require no prior experience. There are plenty of experts available along each step of the way to provide you with all of the information you need to know for a successful adventure at Smoky Mountain Outdoors. All of our rafting staff have been on at least 15 trips down the river, before they take you out in a raft. You will also experience about a 20 minute safety and information session to equip you with a basic knowledge of rafting which is all you will need. Safety is important, and we make sure each individual’s safety is a priority, and that they understand everything discussed in the information session.

3. Fun For Everyone

The only requirement for this combo is that you are 7 years of age for the zipline at CLIMB Works, but we have rafting trips available for children as young as 3. Up to 7 people can be placed in a raft with the guide, so there is plenty of room for everyone. You can expect there to be at least an hour and a half adventure down the river that is well worth the great value.

4. Makes Great Memories

Gatlinburg white water rafting paddles in the Pigeon RiverA trip to Gatlinburg with friends and family will always come with lots of memories to be made. However, you can make over the top memories with everyone in your group while taking part in our rafting and zipline combo. Not to mention you can go rafting when it rains, and taking a trip down the Little Pigeon River in the rain is a unique way to experience white water rafting, and also makes for a great story.

5. Great Way to Tour the Little Pigeon River

The Little Pigeon River is an important part of the area’s history as it used to be the main source of water for residents in the past, and also used to create energy and power for some of our old mills. It is a great place to see some of the best scenery and wildlife Gatlinburg has to offer, and you can enjoy it right from your raft. While on a Gatlinburg white water rafting and zipline trip you can appreciate the soothing sound of the river to help you de-stress along the ride.

At Smoky Mountain Outdoors we have levels of Gatlinburg white water rafting for everyone, including the most extreme of rafters. To learn more about white water rafting in Gatlinburg with us, take a look at our different Gatlinburg rafting trips for more information.