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August 24th, 2021
people on a rafting trip

Top 5 Reasons to Join Us for Rafting in the Smoky Mountains on Your Vacation

February 23, 2021 August 24th, 2021

When it comes to an action packed vacation in the Smoky Mountains, you won’t find anything more thrilling than our white water rafting excursions on the Pigeon River! This is your chance to get outdoors among the beauty of the mountains and shoot the rapids with your family and friends, so don’t miss this incredible opportunity! Here are the top 5 reasons to join us for rafting in the Smoky Mountains on your vacation:

1. Incredible Adrenaline Rush

rafting in the smoky mountainsOur white water rafting adventures provide an incredible adrenaline rush that will have your heart racing in excitement! Our Upper River Rafting Trip is perfect for thrillseekers as it features class 3 and 4 rapids. Of course, you are always in good hands with our experienced guides who will be with you throughout your journey!

2. Big Adventure, Low Price

If you never considered white water rafting because you thought it might be too expensive, you will be amazed at our low rates! In fact, our rafting trips are one of the top bargains in the Smokies when it comes to the value for your money. In addition to our affordable rafting excursions, we are pleased to offer several money saving packages that include coupons and discounts to some of the other popular attractions throughout the Smoky Mountains!

3. Closest Outpost to Downtown Gatlinburg

Stunning view of downtown Gatlinburg, TN one of the top small cities in AmericaWe know you want to make the most of your vacation time, so you will be happy to know our Pigeon River Outpost is just 45 minutes north of Gatlinburg! We are the closest white water rafting outfitter to the Smoky Mountain area, making it easy for a half day excursion. If you want to visit this popular mountain town and go white water rafting, we are the best outpost to go with!

4. Fun for All Guests

Another reason why you should join us for rafting in the Smoky Mountains on your vacation is because our excursions are fun for all ages! White water rafting is a wonderful family activity and creates amazing memories that will last a lifetime! As long as your children are at 3 years old and accompanied by an adult, they are welcome on our Lower River Rafting Trip! This rafting trip is a bit more calm than our other excursions, making it the ideal choice for families with young kids! Note that the minimum requirement for our Upper River Rafting Trip is that kids are at least 8 years old or 70 pounds.

5. No Swimming Experience is Necessary

rafting in the smokiesOne of the great things about our white water rafting trips is you don’t even need to know how to swim in order to join the fun! All of our guests are issued a type 5, Coast Guard approved personal flotation device, which is designed to give you all of the flotation needed on the river! You can rest assured that your personal safety is our top priority at all times and we have an excellent safety record!

Check out all of our information about rafting in the Smoky Mountains today to experience the thrill of a lifetime during your vacation in the Smokies! We look forward to seeing you during this rafting season!