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January 19th, 2022

How to Stay Healthy on Vacation in the Smokies

February 15, 2014 January 19th, 2022

man hiking with backpackHave you made a resolution to live healthier this year? For those still keeping their resolutions to a healthier lifestyle, the Smoky Mountains are a great place to breathe in some fresh air, explore new activities and stay active. To help prevent vacationers from breaking those resolutions, Tennessee white water rafting company Smoky Mountain Outdoors has pointers on how to stay healthy on any vacation you take this year.

Eat in Moderation

Vacations are usually the time everyone breaks diets and eats whatever they want, but, if you’re trying to stay healthy, trying eating with moderation. One sweet or cheat meal won’t ruin the entire day but limiting it to one is helpful for keeping the diet in check.

Also, for those days you plan to be out for hours, pack small snack bags to munch on between attractions.This way you’ll save money and not give into those splurging urges.

Get Active

There are many ways to be active while in the Smoky Mountains. Hiking the trails in the National Park is a popular choice because there is so much undeveloped land to enjoy that you can’t get bored. Hikers can burn up to 110 calories per hour on gentler trails, while true adventure seekers can burn around 160 and more per hour on the challenging hikes.

Horseback riding is another fun and family-friendly activity. There are many nature parks in the area that feature horseback riding. Just an hour of riding the trails can burn around from 150 to 250 calories. Not only can the family have an active adventure, they’ll also learn from the guide and see spectacular views unlike anywhere else.

Tennessee white water rafting is a world-class adventure, and Smoky Mountain Rafting offers much more than just some time on the water. We provide a family-friendly activity that is safe and keeps families active. Most importantly, it is fun.

Rafting is a fun activity that promises a wet and wild ride from the moment you arrive. While navigating the white water and enjoying the view, rafters burn around 230 calories per hour, so it’s not only fun but healthy as well.

Rest and Relax

One of the top tips for having a healthy vacation is getting enough rest. Take advantage of the laid-back lifestyle in the Smokies, and enjoy some time in the quiet of your own space. There are many cabins, condos and suites that face the mountains, spend some time enjoying the view without rushing to the next destination.

If you’re planning your own healthy vacation in the Smokies, reserve one of our Tennessee white water rafting trips today. We’ll begin taking trips in March, but, the sooner you book, the more you save. Right now guests can save 40%, and these discounted prices are only available for a limited time.