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Your Hiking Adventure in the Smoky Mountains

February 21, 2012

You’ve wanted to hike in the Smokies for a long time, and now it’s finally going to happen. With over 80 different hiking trails, you may be wondering how to pick the best trails for your trip. Some trails, like the Toms Branch Falls trail, have gorgeous scenery but are not sufficiently lengthy or challenging for an experienced hiker. Others, like the Hemphill Bald Loop, involve rigorous climbing and all-day hiking.

Smoky Mountain Outdoors can help you plan your hikes before you even leave your home. Their guides are familiar with the Smoky Mountain Hiking trails and are knowledgeable about the seasonal conditions you’ll encounter. They love the natural wonders of this unique place and enjoy sharing them with the hikers they accompany on their guided hikes.

Taking a guided hike is a great way to begin your hiking vacation and experience the best of the Smokies. You’ll see an amazing display of nature, and get a feel for the environment, in a custom-designed hike that will keep you challenged without overtaxing your body.

The key to enjoying a hiking trip is to progress from moderately challenging trips to hikes that leave you pleasantly exhausted and exhilarated. There’s nothing quite like standing on the top of a mountain and looking around at the grandeur of the Smokies as breezes cool your body after an invigorating climb.

Learn more about the Smokies and Smoky Mountain Hiking Trails by visiting Smoky Mountain Outdoors, before you leave for your hiking trip. It’s fun to plan a perfect hiking adventure, and their guides are ready to share their favorite trails and scenic views in this incredible park with you.