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May 29th, 2020
rafter getting splashed with water on river

Whitewater Rafting Near Gatlinburg: The Perfect Rainy Day Activity!

March 24, 2017 May 29th, 2020

If it happens to be raining on a day of your Smoky Mountain vacation, don’t let that spoil your fun! This is actually a perfect opportunity to get outside and enjoy a whitewater rafting adventure with Smoky Mountain Outdoors! Check out why whitewater rafting near Gatlinburg is a great rainy day activity:

1. Trips Run in the Rain

All of our whitewater rafting trips take place even if it’s raining, so mother nature’s plans have no impact on our trips. Besides, getting wet is all part of the fun on our rafting expeditions! We may briefly delay our trips for several minutes to let a storm pass, but otherwise it is business as usual at Smoky Mountain Outdoors! Just be sure to bring a dry towel, dry clothes and dry shoes for after the trip. There is no other outdoor activity in the region that you can enjoy in the rain, so always be sure to reserve your whitewater rafting adventure online or contact us for any last minute availability!

2. Excellent River ConditionsGroup whitewater rafting near Gatlinburg

We consider any day on the Pigeon River a good day, regardless of the current river conditions! There is a dam about ten miles upstream from our launch area that provides a consistent flow down the Pigeon River during the summer months. However, rainfall helps the recreational water levels during our spring and fall trips. Whether you are rafting our 6.5 mile Upper Pigeon River trip through class 3 and 4 rapids or our more leisurely Lower Pigeon River trip, you will get to experience the unique river conditions of rafting in the rain! If we determine that we need to make any adjustments such as guests per raft, we will make those changes to provide you with the best overall experience.

3. Safety with Professional Guides

The professional guides at Smoky Mountain Outdoors are trained to deal with any weather conditions on the river and customer safety is their top priority! All of our guides have completed a strict training program with at least 15 trips down the river and are certified in Standard First Aid. We include a waterproof first aid kit on every trip, and there is a 20 minute safety talk before each trip in case you have any concerns. However, there is no need to worry as we have the highest reputation for safety in the southeast! Our goal is to make you feel as comfortable as possible so you can fully enjoy your whitewater rafting adventure.

4. No Worries about SunburnGatlinburg whitewater adventure on the Little Pigeon River.

Typically, rainy days aren’t filled with lots of heavy sun. By joining us on a rainy day, you can avoid lathering up in sunscreen and worrying if you are getting too much sunlight! Plus, you’re already spending time in the water on the river,

Reserve your trip today to plan your amazing day of whitewater rafting near Gatlinburg! We hope to see you soon for an exciting rafting trip at Smoky Mountain Outdoors!