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September 22nd, 2022
Rafting near Pigeon Forge Tn

Top 5 Reasons Whitewater Rafting Near Gatlinburg is Great for Groups

February 27, 2017 September 22nd, 2022

If you are looking for a fun group activity while on vacation in Gatlinburg, come on out to Smoky Mountain Outdoors for a day of adventure on the Pigeon River! We love to host groups on our exciting whitewater rafting trips and would be delighted to provide an experience that you will never forget! Here are the top 5 reasons why whitewater rafting near Gatlinburg is great for groups:

1. Creates Incredible Memories

Whether you are visiting Smoky Mountain Outdoors with a church retreat, corporate event or a large group of friends, you will create memories together that will last a lifetime. Imagine the excitement as your group flows miles down the Pigeon River while splashing through rocks and challenging almost 70 rapids! This is something that you will surely talk about for years to come. In fact, many groups that have taken our whitewater rafting trips have commented that it was the highlight of their vacation to Gatlinburg!

2. Almost Anyone Can ParticipateWhite water rafting as a group

Our whitewater rafting excursions require no prior experience and virtually anyone can participate! Our only restrictions are that children must be at least 3 years old for our Lower Pigeon River trip, while kids must be 8 years old or 70 pounds for the Upper Pigeon River trip. There are no upper weight restrictions and swimming experience is not necessary as we provide lifejackets for all of our guests. Therefore, whether you have a youth group or a church group with senior citizens, our whitewater rafting trips are perfectly safe for your members!

3. The More, the Merrier!

While our trips can certainly be a blast while sharing a raft with other guests, there is just something special about team spirit while paddling down the Pigeon River. Share laughs with your group members as your raft splashes through huge waves and scream in delight as you surf over rapids! The certified guides at Smoky Mountain Outdoors will make sure that everyone in your group feels comfortable during their journey and will ensure that you have a wonderful time on the river!

4. Perfect Icebreaker

Our whitewater rafting trips are a perfect icebreaker for new group members to make friends in the group! Our thrilling trips create natural interaction as everyone has an important role in the raft, whether it is paddling in a certain direction or challenging various obstacles. This also has the added benefit of building trust and team spirit among your group. By Group of smiling white waterthe end of the trip, everyone in your raft will have a new appreciation for one another!

5. Group Discounts

Smoky Mountain Outdoors is pleased to offer excellent group rates for our whitewater rafting excursions! In addition to a great discounted rate per person, we offer one free ticket for every 10 people in your group. This makes our whitewater rafting trips an affordable group excursion that will surely be the highlight of your vacation in the Great Smoky Mountains!

Still not sure about going rafting? Find out why your group will love rafting with us!

For everything you group needs to know about whitewater rafting near Gatlinburg for your next vacation, check out our group information. We look forward to seeing your group at Smoky Mountain Outdoors!