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January 27th, 2024
winter tunnel in the Smoky Mountains

Top 4 Ways to Survive the Off-Season When You Miss Whitewater Rafting in the Smoky Mountains

December 22, 2022 January 27th, 2024

If you’re missing whitewater rafting as much as us, you’re probably wondering how to make it through the off-season! While there is nothing quite like the adventure of challenging the rapids on the Pigeon River, there are several fun things you can do throughout the winter to keep you busy! Before you know it, we’ll be back in operation for another year of whitewater thrills! Here are the top 4 ways to survive the off-season when you miss whitewater rafting in the Smoky Mountains:

1. Enjoy Working Out at Your Local Gym

Another top way to survive the off-season when you miss whitewater rafting in the Smoky Mountains is by working out at your local gym! This helps get you in shape for when you’ll be paddling down the river and keeps you active throughout the winter months! There are several exercises that are especially beneficial when preparing for whitewater rafting, including brisk walks on a treadmill, rowing on a rowing machine, and lifting weights to build your strength! Of course, remember that it is not necessary to be in peak physical condition to join us on any of our trips!

2. Hit the Slopes

ski equipment on a tableIf you love the great outdoors and don’t mind a bit of chilly weather, hit the slopes this winter for some skiing and snowboarding fun! For those spending a winter vacation in the Smoky Mountains, head on over to Ober Mountain where you can experience Tennessee’s only ski area! You’ll find a whole mountainside of ski slopes for all skill levels, and you can even take lessons if you want to try skiing for the first time! If you prefer something that doesn’t require any skill, Ober Mountain also operates a popular snow tubing hill!

3. Watch Some White Water Rafting Movies

When you’re really missing the adventures of rafting, take advantage of the off-season to watch a few whitewater rafting movies! Hollywood has produced several films over the years that feature rafting scenes, so grab some popcorn and catch up on some amazing movies you may have missed! While Deliverance with Burt Reynolds and Jon Voight is generally considered the ultimate river movie, you also won’t want to miss the River Wild, White Water Summer, and River of No Return!

4. Take a Scenic Hike

snow on a hiking trail in the Smoky MountainsGet your legs moving this winter with a scenic hike at a local park in your community or head to the trails at the Great Smoky Mountains National Park! This is an excellent opportunity to get your heart rate up while enjoying some unique winter scenery, so bundle up and enjoy the stroll! As a bonus, you won’t have to worry about overcrowded trails, bugs, and other things that can be a nuisance during the peak hiking season!

While you can’t enjoy whitewater rafting in the Smoky Mountains during the winter months, this is a perfect time to make your whitewater rafting plans for the upcoming season! Take advantage of the availability on our operating calendar and be one of the first guests to join us for another season of thrills on the Pigeon River!