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April 5th, 2022
spring mountains

Top 4 Reasons to Look Forward to Spring in the Smoky Mountains

February 12, 2021 April 5th, 2022

While the winter months often seem like they drag on forever, this just gives you time to anticipate the excitement of spring in the Smoky Mountains! While it may be hard to believe, this magical time of year is just around the corner, and you won’t want to miss all of the wonderful things that the Smokies have to offer during the spring months. Here are the top 4 reasons to look forward to spring in the Smoky Mountains:

1. Long Days of Sunshine

Lower Pigeon River RaftingThe spring months in the Smokies offer pleasant sunshine, making it a delightful time of year to enjoy outdoor activities. Whether you want to go hiking through Great Smoky Mountains National Park, camping at Pigeon River Campground, or white water rafting with our professional guides, you will love seeing signs of spring emerging up the slopes of the mountains! Since spring can still be a little chilly, be sure to wear appropriate clothing, which includes warm layers of quick-dry synthetic fabric and a water repellent layer.

2. Gorgeous Wildflowers

Another reason to look forward to spring in the Smoky Mountains is the return of the region’s gorgeous wildflowers. Many visitors come to the Smokies every year just to get a glimpse of the natural beauty that blooms during the springtime. Although many guests head directly into the national park to explore some of the popular wildflower trails, you can see the wildflower diversity virtually anywhere throughout the Smokies. A group of flowers known as spring ephemerals begin the yearly show, and they can appear as early as February!

3. Local Attractions in Full Swing

gatlinburg trailWhen you visit the Smoky Mountains in the spring, you can practically feel the energy in the air! This is a time of year that is popular with special events, such as car shows, music festivals, and more. You will find all of the popular attractions in full swing, but more importantly, you can start white water rafting again!

4. White Water Rafting

Of course, the reason why we love spring in the Smoky Mountains so much is because it means the return of our white water rafting adventures on the Pigeon River! The spring is particularly exciting because the water levels are less predictable, so you may experience anything from a leisurely trip down the river to some fun rapids! Our Upper River Rafting Trips kick off in March, while our Lower River Rafting Trips and Extreme Upper River Rafting Trips start up in May. Don’t miss the chance to get out on the river during the spring months, so start planning your trip early!

Check out all of the information about our white water rafting trips today to be one of our first guests on the river this season and experience the magic of spring in the Smoky Mountains! We look forward to you joining us on one of our incredible rafting adventures!