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March 25th, 2021

Four Gadgets for your Smoky Mountain White Water Rafting Adventure

June 19, 2012 March 25th, 2021

Who says technology is only for indoors? These five gadgets would be great for the techie in your life while white water rafting on the beautiful rapids of the Great Smoky Mountains.

UV Indicator Keychain
Protecting yourself from the sun is an important part of enjoying your rafting experience. This keychain will let you know the UV index, and as it changes, you can apply more sunscreen.

Waterproof Case for Smartphones
This case is a must-have if you are planning on bringing your smartphone on your white water rafting trip. Waterproof up to 100 feet, this case is sure to keep your phone safe and dry.

Portable Water Filtration System
Staying hydrated is important for enjoying your Smoky Mountain vacation. This portable water filtration system makes water safe for drinking. You can hook it to your hydration system or pump it into your water bottle. Be sure to bring purification tablets as a backup just in case.

Solar charger for your cell phone and gadgets.
Keep your gadgets at full-power with this portable solar charger. You can insure that your smartphone, ipod, ipad, or USB chargeable device is in good working order without needing an outlet.

What’s your favorite outdoor gadget? Let us know on ourWhite Water Rafting Facebook page!