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September 22nd, 2020
A happy group of people going Upper Pigeon River rafting.

6 Things Everyone Should Know About Upper Pigeon River Rafting

December 29, 2015 September 22nd, 2020

If you’re looking for big excitement during your trip to the Smoky Mountains, then you can’t go wrong with Upper Pigeon River rafting! Think of it as an adrenaline-fueled adventure that’s safe for the whole family. Your group will enjoy a heart-pounding good time that none of you will ever forget. Here are six things you should know about Upper Pigeon River rafting with Smoky Mountain Outdoors:

1. It’s a Wild Ride

During your six and-a-half mile rafting adventure, you’ll encounter everything from Class I to Class IV rapids. Class I rapids are pretty tame, usually featuring some ripples and small waves. Think of Class I as the calm before the storm. In Class II, the waves are getting bigger, while Class III presents even more challenges thanks to narrower passages and more irregular waves. Class IV indicates longer stretches of more intense wave action. A little complex maneuvering keeps the raft on course. The route you’ll take on the Upper Pigeon River features a bit of everything, giving you both plenty of excitement and opportunities to relax.

2. Your Guide Is an Expert

All of our guides are highly trained experts who have spent plenty of time Upper Pigeon River rafting. It’s not a stretch to say that they know these waters like the backs of their hands. This means you can trust their knowledge and skills to bring your family safely down the river regardless of your group’s rafting ability. In addition to their rafting acumen, all of our guides are safety experts. There is no one better qualified to ensure that there are no mishaps during your rafting adventure. More than that, our guides are passionate about rafting, and there’s nothing they like better than sharing their love of white water with others!

3. No Prior Experience Is NecessaryA rafting guide with a big group having fun Upper Pigeon River rafting.

You might think that you would have to have some rafting experience to try one of these adventures, but that’s untrue. We’ve taken people who have never been near white water before down the rapids of the Upper Pigeon. They’ve had the time of their lives, and they picked up some important information about having a fun and safe experience on the water. Of course, our adventures are perfect for folks who have got some rafting experience under their belt as well. We make sure that every single one of our guests has a good time on the river.

4. You Can Bring the Whole Family

Our rafts fit up to seven people plus a guide. The only restrictions we have in place are that rafters must be at least eight years of age. Moreover, the littlest rafters must weigh at least 70 pounds. This ensures the safety of everyone on board.

5. More Exciting Adventures Are Available

If you and the members of your party already have some white water rafting experience, then you may want to consider taking one of our Upper Pigeon River Extreme Rafting trips. These involve smaller rafts that seat just three people in addition to a guide. A smaller craft means more opportunities for big thrills. If you can swim and have tried rafting before, this may be the adventure for you.

People paddling through the rapids on an Upper Pigeon River rafting trip.6. Reservations Are a Great Idea

Upper Pigeon River rafting is an exciting adventure for the whole family. Whether it’s spring or summer, our rafts tend to fill up quickly. That’s why we offer a convenient reservation system. This ensures that your family gets to enjoy the rafting adventure they’d prefer at a time that is convenient for them. When you’re making your reservation, keep in mind that we ask rafters to arrive at our outpost about an hour before departure time.

Visit our Pigeon River White Water Rafting Reservations page to schedule your trip with us!