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November 23rd, 2020
Family enjoying rafting trip in Smoky Mountains

4 Ways White Water Rafting in the Great Smoky Mountains Can Benefit Your Health

November 27, 2017 November 23rd, 2020

Today more and more people are spending time indoors. They don’t understand there are many health benefits to staying active and spending time in nature. The Smokies are the best place to break this habit. The mountain views are so beautiful you can’t help but want to be outside. Staying active is just one way white water rafting in the Great Smoky Mountains with Smoky Mountain Outdoors can help benefit your health.

1. Get Vitamin D from the Sun

When you spend time outdoors you are soaking up the sun’s rays. This helps give your body more Vitamin D. Vitamin D is important because it helps your body absorb calcium and promotes healthy growth in your bones. There are a lot of other body functions that Vitamin D helps with. A lot of people don’t know how important it is to go outside, but it actually keeps your body healthy. When you go rafting with Smoky Mountain Outdoors, you’ll get to soak up some sun and help boost your body’s supply of Vitamin D.

2. Stay Active

girl paddling on a raftStaying active is essential if you want to keep your body healthy. When you go white water rafting in the Great Smoky Mountains you’ll give your body the cardio it needs. It’s really important to stay active even if you aren’t doing strenuous exercise. Rafting is a great activity to help build muscle in the arms, but it doesn’t require a whole lot of upper arm strength to do. It’s perfect for everyone because it’s an easy outdoors activity. Your whole family will love experiencing the Smokies while rafting with us.

3. Relieve Stress

Picture yourself sitting on your raft and listening to the calming sound of the water hitting the rocks. Rafting can help relieve stress because you are getting a peaceful experience with nature. You might even get to see some wildlife while you are rafting. When you spend time outdoors you are able to unplug from technology and studies have shown this helps your mental health. Stress can have a negative impact on the body. That’s why you’ll want to choose activities that will help relieve your stress, so you can go back to work feeling better than ever.

4. Get Much Needed Fresh Air

Quiet pool in stream next to huge boulders in Smoky MountainsEveryone needs some fresh air every once in awhile. Your body will feel much better when you spend some time outdoors. You’ll get to take in fresh mountain air as you go white water rafting. You’ll start to feel your body breathe easier and you’ll feel your worries fade away. When you give your body more oxygen, it’ll help your mind think clearer. You’ll leave the experience with more energy and a variety of other health benefits.

You can get all of these health benefits when you raft with Smoky Mountain Outdoors. Book your white water rafting in the Great Smoky Mountains trip with us today!