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group of rafters on Pigeon River

Top 4 Ways to Get Pumped Up About Our White Water Rafting Trips in Tennessee

January 11, 2024

Although it may be the off-season for white water rafting, this is the perfect chance to get pumped up about our upcoming trips this spring! While you are relaxing at home this winter, there are several things you can do to get excited about our thrilling adventures on the Pigeon River! Here are the top 4 ways to get pumped up about our white water rafting trips in Tennessee:

1. Explore Our Whitewater Rafting Trip Options

guide with Smoky Mountain OutdoorsSince you have time before we head back out onto the Pigeon River, take advantage of the chance to explore our whitewater rafting trip options! Our most popular trip is the Upper River Rafting Trip, where you’ll experience a breathtaking 6.5 mile ride down class 3 and 4 rapids! During this excursion, our professional guide will navigate your raft through big waves, large drops and plenty of surfing to guarantee the time of your life! If you want something a little calmer, consider the Lower River Rafting Trip that offers more of a scenic float trip that is ideal for families! Finally, thrillseekers won’t want to miss our Extreme Upper River Rafting Trips that push the limits by running go-for-it lines, hitting the meat of big waves, and surfing all of the best waves and hydraulics!

2. Watch a Fun White Water Rafting Movie

Another one of the best ways to get pumped up about our white water rafting trips in Tennessee is by watching one of the top white water rafting movies! While these Hollywood flicks certainly feature many fictional elements, they still help portray the excitement of white water rafting! Check your favorite streaming service to check out movies like the River Wild, Deliverance and River of No Return, then get the popcorn ready for a fun evening of entertainment! Before you know it, you’ll be experiencing your own adventures with us on the Pigeon River this season!

3. Purchase Some New Gear for Your Trip

suitcase with clothes for zipliningWhile you won’t need much for our white water rafting trips in Tennessee, you may want to purchase a new bathing suit or other gear for your excursion! If you’re planning on joining us during the summer months, a bathing suit or t-shirt is fine, as well as secure fitting shoes such as tennis shoes, water shoes or sports sandals with a heel strap. You’ll also want to bring a dry towel, dry clothes and dry shoes for after the trip! Meanwhile, if you are heading out in cooler weather during our spring and fall trips, you’ll want to wear synthetic, quick drying layers!

4. Plan Your Action Packed Adventure

You can already make trip reservations for our upcoming season, so get pumped up by planning your action-packed adventure now! While you may have to wait a bit for your departure date, the anticipation is all part of the fun! As a bonus, you can take advantage of our best availability by booking well in advance! Our Upper River Rafting Trips start heading out in early March, while our Lower River Rafting Trips are available starting on Memorial Day Weekend in May!

Check out all of the information about our white water rafting trips in Tennessee today and be one of the first guests of the season to book your adventure! We look forward to seeing you this spring!