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July 21st, 2021
Extreme rafting with Smoky Mountain Outdoors

4 Reasons to Go Rafting in the Smoky Mountains Late in the Day

July 2, 2018 July 21st, 2021

There is never a bad time to go white water rafting. Spend your morning sleeping in and relaxing before joining us at Smoky Mountain Outdoors to spend your afternoon on the Pigeon River! You won’t have to worry about setting an alarm or accidentally oversleeping and missing your ultimate outdoor adventure. We can accommodate rafters well into the afternoon, and we know you’ll enjoy it more when you’re well-rested! Here are 4 reasons to go rafting in the Smoky Mountains late in the day:

1. You Can Sleep In!

Who wants to wake up early on vacation? Vacation days are made for sleeping in and relaxing! Luckily, there’s no need to rush to get to our outpost as soon as the sun rises to go rafting in the Smoky Mountains. We know when your alarm goes off you are going to be wishing for just 5 more minutes of sleep, so why don’t you just skip the alarm altogether and sleep as long as you’d like! Rafting later in the day gives you the opportunity to be well-rested so you can truly enjoy all of the excitement. Not only will you have slept well, but you will have time to eat a delicious meal, which will give you the energy to make the most of your time on the river!

Smiling young girl on rafting trip2. Avoid the Crowds

Another reason to go rafting in the Smoky Mountains late in the day is to avoid the crowds! Your experience will be better when it’s just you, your group, one of our experienced rafting guides and the beautiful Pigeon River. Our most popular trip times are between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m., and the crowds tend to thin out the later in the afternoon it gets. When you avoid the crowds, there will be nothing standing in the way of you having an unforgettable white water rafting experience on the Pigeon River!

3. Chance to See Wildlife

When you raft in the late afternoon, you have a better chance to see waterfowl and birds! The animals tend to be more active when the crowds thin out later in the day. If you go rafting early in the morning, there is usually more activity on the Pigeon River, so waterfowl and birds aren’t likely to be out and about. Our Lower River Rafting Trip is a great option for spotting the animals! You’ll go on a scenic 5.5-mile trip featuring class 1 and 2 rapids. If you have kids with you on your rafting adventure, they will love spotting geese swimming down the river beside your raft!

4. Chance to See Boaters

rafters smilingWhen you go rafting in the Smoky Mountains late in the day, you will also have the chance to spot boaters on the river! They tend to be out more in the late afternoon than early mornings and are always so much fun to watch. Not only will you be having a great time rafting, but you’ll get to see how much fun others are having too! The laughter and smiles will be contagious!

Browse all of our rafting trips, then book your trip to go rafting in the Smoky Mountains with us late in the day!