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September 26th, 2022
Group of smiling white water rafters

6 Reasons to Go White Water Rafting at Smoky Mountain Outdoors in 2015

November 11, 2014 September 26th, 2022

Smoky Mountain Outdoors is currently closed for the year, but we’ll be back in 2015 for another season of wet and wild fun. If you’ve never been white water rafting before, why not make it your New Years resolution to have an adventure with us next year? Here are six reasons why you should put white water rafting in Gatlinburg on your “to do” list for the coming year.

1. A Great Group Experience

White water rafting can be a wonderful bonding experience for a family or group of friends. As you conquer the rapids you will feel closer and more connected to the people you share this experience with. Smoky Mountain Outdoors can accommodate family reunions, youth groups, wedding parties, corporate retreats and any other large parties. We also offer special group rates, so you can save money when you visit us with 10 or more people. Visit our White Water Rafting Group Information page to learn more about our discounts.

2. A Vigorous Form of Exercise

Everyone knows about the benefits of exercise, but people often find it hard to get enough physical activity in their daily lives. White water rafting is a healthy alternative to a sedentary vacation spent in your car or in a lounge chair. Rafting works many muscle groups and provides a cardiovascular workout as well. The more difficult the rafting trip, the more calories you will burn. No matter what type of adventure you choose, however, you can be assured of getting some good exercise.

3. Feel Closer to NatureWhite water rafting with lots of splashing

In addition to not getting enough exercise, one of the main problems of modern life is that people spend too much time indoors. Even if you exercise in a gym, you’re still inside. There’s no better way to experience nature than white water rafting. When you’re in the water, you will be breathing in fresh air and getting spectacular views of the amazing forests and mountains that surround you.

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4. Many Types of Adventures to Choose From

Smoky Mountain Outdoors offers a variety of trips, so you can choose the rafting adventure that is right for your group. If you want a gentle trip that’s appropriate for young kids, the Lower Pigeon River provides the ideal setting, with most of the trip consisting of Class 1 and 2 rapids. The Upper Pigeon River, meanwhile, offers more challenging Class 3 and 4 rapids with plenty of waves and drops.

5. White Water Rafting is a Safe Sport

When organized by an experienced and dedicated staff, white water rafting in Gatlinburg is a completely safe way to have an exhilarating outdoor adventure. Our guides are rigorously trained as well as certified in Standard First Aid. Before you embark upon your rafting trip, you will get a brief orientation with everything you need to know White water rafint group waving to the camerato have a safe experience on the river.

6. A Way to Relieve Stress

Many people experience a great deal of stress in their everyday lives. This can have a harmful impact on both your physical and emotional health. A healthy sport like white water rafting, will get you out of your head and help you gain a new perspective. White water rafting can help you to unwind and de-stress as you work your muscles and enjoy the great outdoors.

Smoky Mountain Outdoors is already scheduling trips for 2015. Visit our Pigeon River Whitewater Rafting Reservations page to book your adventure today!