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April 5th, 2022
Young girl with rafting guide

4 Reasons You Should Go White Water Rafting in Gatlinburg On Your Weekend Getaway

October 2, 2017 April 5th, 2022

At Smoky Mountain Outdoors, our white water rafting season is starting to come to an end. We have transitioned from “massive rapids” type trips to more natural flow trips. You can still spend time on the water and get a peaceful experience on your weekend getaway when you plan a rafting trip with us. Getting to see the gorgeous fall foliage is just one reason you don’t want to miss out on white water rafting in Gatlinburg with us.

1. Peaceful Experience

The experience you get on our spring/fall trips can really depend on the water levels. But more often than not, you’ll get a peaceful experience down the river. We have trained river guides that will navigate your raft so you can kick back and relax. You’ll get to hear the water as it flows down the river. It’s a beautiful experience where you’ll be surrounded by nature. It’s the best way to first hand be a part of the Smokies. You’ll love all the amazing sights and sounds you can take in as you make your way down the river.

2. Fewer Crowds

Now that the summer is over, there will be less crowds white water rafting in Gatlinburg. You won’t have to worry about being surrounded by a lot of people. Our crowds start to slow down as the season ends which is why it’s the best time for you to book a fall trip. Our rafts are usually loaded with 3 to 7 people, so you can bring your whole family to enjoy this experience with you. You’ll get to enjoy rafting down the river with the ones you love most. Everyone will have a great time!

3. Gorgeous Fall Foliage

Tons of people come from all over the United States to witness the gorgeous fall foliage in the Great Smoky Mountains. Each year, the fall colors draw in visitors from everywhere. If you want to experience the beauty of fall, then the best place to do that is while on a white water rafting trip. You’ll have a front row seat to see the fall foliage. As you’re sailing down the river you can take a look at the amazing mountain views all around you. It really is the perfect place to see the fall scenery.

4. Raft Before It’s Too Late

Once our season ends, we won’t start rafting until the temperatures start warming up again. That means you should get your rafting in before it’s too late. Our spring/fall trips are a great experience for everyone. Your family will love rafting when the temperatures are cooler outside and you won’t have to worry about sweating buckets. Everyone will love the trip and you’ll have fun too!

We plan to raft our fall trips from September through October, so now is the time to book with us! You won’t want to miss this amazing experience in the Smokies. Sign up for our fall trips down the river and it’ll be an experience you remember for a lifetime.