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September 18th, 2020
Happy family white water rafting on the Pigeon River.

4 Reasons a Smoky Mountain Vacation with a Whitewater Rafting Trip is the Best Surprise for Your Family

January 3, 2018 September 18th, 2020

Just because the holidays are over doesn’t mean the fun has to end! Start the new year off right by surprising your family with a whitewater rafting trip with Smoky Mountain Outdoors. It’s the perfect gift for a family who loves outdoor adventures. You can’t go wrong planning a Smoky Mountain vacation for your family. Here are 4 reasons a whitewater rafting trip in the Smoky Mountains is the best surprise to give your family in the new year.

1. Something to Look Forward to

Because your whitewater rafting adventure won’t be until the spring, you’ll have something to look forward to in the new year! It’s never too early to start the countdown for an exciting adventure! Plus, reserving your visit early guarantees your time on the river. You’ll be able to pick when your trip is without worrying about the day being booked.

Family on red Smoky Mountain Outdoors raft near Gatlinburg TN2. Fun for the Whole Family

A Smoky Mountain vacation is a great way for the family to spend quality time with one another, and whitewater rafting is the perfect family outing during your trip! You’ll be able to experience the Smoky Mountains like never before with the people you love by your side. Lower Pigeon River Rafting is the best family-friendly adventure. You’ll enjoy a relaxing ride down the river that kids will love, and you’ll have time to take in the beautiful scenery of the Smoky Mountains! And if you’re looking for a place to stay on your rafting trip, we’re just minutes away from Pigeon River campground! Your family will love getting to spend quality time together rafting and camping.

3. Discounts & Coupons

We make sure our rafting adventures are affordable so that no one has to miss out on all the fun. Throughout the year, we offer a number of discounts and coupons that help you save money. Give us a call when you book your trip, and our rafting specialists will help you plan the perfect rafting trip at the best price. It’s an affordable trip that guarantees priceless memories with your family.

4. Combo Packages

Excited family enjoying rafting with Smoky Mountain OutdoorsIf you want to purchase more than one trip, we offer incredible combo packages that everyone will love! With our Pigeon River Combo package, you’ll be able to raft both the Upper Pigeon River and the Lower Pigeon River. This is a great gift for families, because family members seeking a thrilling adventure can ride the rough rapids of the Upper Pigeon and join the rest of the family for a riverside lunch at the Lost Guide Grill, before the whole family goes for a relaxing raft ride down the Lower Pigeon River as part of the second half of the combo package. Another option is our Zipline and Raft Combo Package. Smoky Mountain Outdoors partnered with CLIMB Works for an exclusive combo deal that lets you save $20 when you book a whitewater rafting trip with Smoky Mountain Outdoors and a canopy tour at CLIMB Works. The canopy tour includes 9 world-class ziplines and 3 sky bridges with a surprise ending!

A whitewater rafting trip is a surprise the whole family will love. Book your trip today and start planning an incredible Smoky Mountain Vacation for your family.