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3 Ways to Experience Great Smoky Mountain White Water Rafting

August 29, 2016 May 30th, 2020
A group of people Great Smoky Mountain white water rafting.

Summer is in full swing, and there’s no better way to enjoy nature and cool down from the sizzling heat than by riding the rapids! If you’ve been searching for the perfect way to experience Great Smoky Mountain white water rafting, check out our list of the 3 best ways to have fun in the river!

1. Raft with a Group

The classic way to enjoy a day of Great Smoky Mountain white water rafting is by hopping in a raft with your family or friends and letting a tour guide lead the way. Whether you’re a rafting expert or you’ve never rafted before, we’ve got a tour that everyone can enjoy!

For the adrenaline lovers out there, both experienced and beginners, you’ll go crazy for the Upper Pigeon River rafting experience. This is a fast paced 6.5 mile trip that will have you splashing through swift rapids, maneuvering around river rocks and riding down the biggest waves that the river has to offer! For our most experienced rafters, you’ll love the Upper Pigeon River Extreme! Being a good swimmer is necessary to enjoy this thrill ride through the rapids.

For those of you looking for a more laid back experience, you’ll have a fun and relaxing time on our Lower Pigeon River tour. Kids especially love this 5.5 mile ride because it’s exciting but not overwhelming. We also don’t let rain stop us from having fun on the river, so we guarantee a good time even if it starts to drizzle!

2. Raft in an Inflatable KayakThree people kayaking.

Unlike riding in a group raft, the inflatable kayak tour allows you to control your own raft during your Great Smoky Mountain white water rafting adventure! Don’t worry, you’ll still have a tour guide to lead the way down the river, but you’ll have the freedom to steer yourself. Experienced rafters and beginners alike will enjoy this kayak trip, and the challenge of maneuvering yourself through the rapids is an exciting new experience that the more independent people in your group will love! And your tour guide will teach you new tricks like spinning and sliding, so you’ll also learn a few new skills while on vacation!

3. Hike and Paddle Combo Tour

For the best way to view the beautiful scenery around you, we recommend our hike and paddle combo tour. Your guide will show you some of the most beautiful trails in the Smokies, and you’ll make stops at swimming holes, rushing creeks and even a beautiful, enchanting forest. Both kids and adults will have a wonderful time on this 2 hour hike.

A beautiful waterfall in the Great Smoky Mountains.After the hike through the mountains, you’ll enjoy a delicious lunch back at the riverside, followed by a guided trip down the river. Plan to spend a whole day having a blast on this hike and paddle combo tour!

When packing for your Great Smoky Mountain white water rafting tour, don’t forget your swimsuit, sports sandals with a heel strap and a dry change of clothes!