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June 20th, 2024
Little girl smiling while white water rafting

4 Reasons You’ll Love Rafting During Your Summer Vacation in the Smoky Mountains

June 19, 2024 June 20th, 2024

While the Smokies are home to all kinds of exciting activities, there is nothing more memorable than a white water water rafting adventure on the Pigeon River! The river offers thrilling rapids, tons of action and spectacular views, not to mention a guarantee to get soaked from head to toe! Here are the top 4 reasons why you’ll love rafting during your summer vacation in the Smoky Mountains:

1. Action-Packed Rapids

While joining one of our white water rafting trips on the Pigeon River, you’ll have the chance to experience the thrills of action-packed rapids! You’ll be paddling through approximately 70 rapids with our certified guides, ranging from class 1 to 4 in intensity! While our guides navigate your entire trip, they’ll share their love of splashing through big waves, maneuvering around rocks, and enjoying the beauty of being in the great outdoors! This also creates a unique bonding opportunity among your family and friends, as everyone will have to work together during this dynamic and fun activity!

2. Fun for All Ages

Kids rafting in the Smoky MountainsAnother top reason why you’ll love rafting during your summer vacation in the Smokies is because it is fun for all ages! The minimum age/weight requirement for our Upper Pigeon River Rafting trip is 8 years old or 70 pounds, while children only have to be at least 3 years old to go on the Lower Pigeon River trip! Note that our Upper River Rafting trip is our most popular excursion with lots of exciting rapids, while the Lower Pigeon River is a calmer trip loved by all ages where splashing and water fights are common. Regardless of your choice, both options are fine for both experienced and inexperienced paddlers!

3. No Two Trips Are Ever the Same

You can guarantee that no two trips are ever the same while rafting along the Pigeon River! Each trip offers something new and different every single time you visit, so it’s no wonder why we see so many familiar faces return year after year! One thing that you can count on during the summer months is a consistent river flow, as scheduled whitewater-level releases take place from Memorial Day Weekend to Labor Day Weekend. Before and after this period, the water levels are completely dependent upon Mother Nature, which makes them more variable and unpredictable!

4. Spectacular Scenery

rafting on the lower pigeon riverThe Pigeon River runs along all kinds of spectacular Smoky Mountain scenery, creating an incredible backdrop for your white water rafting adventure! There is nothing quite like being in the great outdoors while splashing down the river with a raft full of your family members or closest friends! The best part is that we capture some of the action during your trip, so be sure to visit our office after your adventure to purchase your action photos!

Check out all of our white water rafting trips in the Smokies today to experience the thrills of rafting during your summer vacation in the Smoky Mountains! We look forward to seeing you soon!