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January 9th, 2023
Christmas present wrapped in red and white ribbon

4 Gift Ideas for Your Friends Who Love White Water Rafting in the Smoky Mountains

November 30, 2022 January 9th, 2023

With just a few shopping weeks left until Christmas, you’re probably wondering what to get your buddies who enjoy Smoky Mountain rafting! The awesome news is that there are plenty of great gift ideas for rafters, ranging from cool gear to gift cards to our excursions on the Pigeon River! Leave the holiday stress behind and check out these 4 gift ideas for your friends who love white water rafting in the Smoky Mountains:

1. Beach Bag with Towels and a Bathing Suit

When white water rafting in the Smoky Mountains, one thing you can definitely count on is getting soaked! After all, our guests get to experience everything from class III to class IV rapids along their journey down the Pigeon River! Therefore, guests on our summer trips are going to want to wear a bathing suit for their adventure! The towels come in handy for drying off after the excursion, and the beach bag helps to store everything in one convenient place before and after the trip!

2. Travel Journal

travel journal sitting on a mapAfter the adrenaline rush of white water rafting, you’ll want to remember every detail about the excursion! Therefore, consider purchasing a travel journal as a gift so your friends can keep a detailed account of everything they experienced during one of our trips! They can also make notes of all their other favorite activities in the Smokies, ranging from ziplining to hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park! During the rafting off-season, it’s always a blast to read through a travel journal to relive the adventures!

3. Warm Fleece Hoodie

Another great gift idea for your friends who love white water rafting in the Smoky Mountains is a warm fleece hoodie! After all, it’s not always hot outside when we head out on the Pigeon River! Our trips start as early as March and run through October, so it might even be a bit chilly when you’re exploring the rapids! Fleece is an insulating fabric designed to keep you warm when the weather gets cold and it is also a lightweight, quick-drying, moisture wicking material!

4. Gift Cards for Our White Water Rafting Trips

smoky mountain white water raftingThe ultimate gift idea for your friends who love white water rafting in the Smoky Mountains is a gift card for our rafting trips! These convenient gift cards can be redeemed online for any of our trips so that your friend can choose their own rafting excursion! You can purchase any amount on the card and even add a personalized message before sending it off to the recipient! As an alternative, you can send the gift card via email to yourself to deliver it personally to your friend! Keep in mind that these gift cards never expire, so they can be used anytime in the future! We guarantee everyone will be thrilled with a trip to go whitewater rafting!

Now that you know about some of the best gift ideas for your friends who love white water rafting in the Smoky Mountains, don’t forget to treat your own family to one of our exciting rafting trips on the Pigeon River! We look forward to seeing you soon on the Pigeon River!