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November 23rd, 2020
People having fun white water rafting

What Do People Love About Smoky Mountain Outdoors on TripAdvisor?

December 11, 2014 November 23rd, 2020

Did you know that Smoky Mountain Outdoors is one of the most popular East Tennessee attractions on TripAdvisor? As the world’s #1 travel review website, TripAdvisor is an incredible resource for people planning a vacation in the Smokies. Read on for a look at what people are saying about us on TripAdvisor:

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About Smoky Mountain Outdoors White Water Rafting

White water rafting in Gatlinburg, Tennessee is an exciting activity that can be enjoyed by people of all levels of experience. Smoky Mountain Outdoors has been offering rafting trips through Class 1 – Class 4 rapids for over 21 years. Our rafting adventures begin 45 minutes outside of Gatlinburg in the heart of the Great Smoky Mountains. This provides rafters with a beautiful setting as they experience the thrills of the Upper or Lower Pigeon River. Our rafting trips are led by well trained guides who are dedicated to providing guests with a safe and exhilarating experience.

TripAdvisor Reviews of Smoky Mountain OutdoorsHappy family white water rafting

TripAdvisor has a five star rating system, similar to sites like Amazon, with five stars being “excellent” and one star being “terrible.” As of this writing, Smoky Mountain Outdoors has accumulated more than 2,000 five star ratings and more than 100 four star ratings, with hardly anyone rating us any lower than four stars. 98% of reviewers have given us a positive rating, making it the #2 attraction in the region.

People who have experienced Smoky Mountain Outdoors white water rafting trips have appreciated the excitement of the rafting trip itself, the skill of the guides, and the area’s natural beauty. One reviewer, who had never been white water rafting before, wrote, “I wasn’t sure what to expect. It was a great experience. I believe our family has found a new hobby.” Another reviewer, who had a guide named Rev. Dean, said, “Our group of four had the best trip ever with Rev. Dean! We had a 71 year old and a 69 year old with us and they loved the trip!” Here are a few other reviews from TripAdvisor users:

  • “I can’t recommend this activity enough to anyone wanting to try something new. We’ve got some great memories and pictures of our day that we’ll always remember. ”

  • “Our guide was excellent and pointed out lots as we floated down and went through the smaller rapids, lots of info and history on the mountains”.

  • “My husband and I did this on our honeymoon, and I was nervous at first, but  our guide made me feel more comfortable. Had a blast, would love to do it again.”

People smiling while white water raftingTo see for yourself what reviewers are saying about us, visit the official Smoky Mountain Outdoors TripAdvisor page!

Why White Water Rafting in the Smokies is So Popular

White water rafting is an activity that is fun and rewarding. It allows you to experience the great outdoors, get some good exercise, and develop important team building skills. Whether you are an experienced rafter or a complete novice, Smoky Mountain Outdoors has the perfect trip for your group. Our next season begins in the spring of 2015, so this is a good time to start planning your rafting adventure for next year. Visit the Smoky Mountain Outdoors Reservations page to schedule a day of white water rafting in Gatlinburg, Tennessee!